2024 Booklists

The Booklists for 2024 are now available.

We have carefully selected a range of books, according to each year group, aimed to help assist our students in their learning. Please click the appropriate link below to retrieve your child's booklist for 2024.

Please feel free to source items on the Booklist from other suppliers, and re-use equipment and textbooks where appropriate. If you have any questions about the items on the Booklist please contact the College Office or your child's teacher for 2024.
We would love to help.

Year 6

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The College is committed to discerning best practices around the use of technology in learning. A review of recent research into technology use in schools has indicated that hard copy texts books are superior for student organisation and understanding and by removing the distractions that can be a feature of devices. 

This year, the College moved away from using e-textbooks to using hard copy textbooks only.  Further information is available in the 2021 BYOD Policy update.