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Mundaring Christian College Students


Mundaring Christian College

Located in the beautiful Mundaring hills east of Perth, Mundaring Christian College provides an excellent education for students from Pre-Kindergarten to Year 12, taught through the lens of a non-denominational Christian worldview.

With a focus on excellence in teaching and learning, our desire is to create a culture of highly engaged, purposeful learning where education is enjoyable and where students develop a thirst and the skills for life-long learning.

The college proudly operates from two locations: our Primary campus, on Walker Street in Mundaring, welcomes students from Pre-Kindergarten to Year 6 to the world of learning. Students from Year 7 to Year 12 continue their educational journey at our extraordinary new Secondary campus in Parkerville, where the innovative and rigorous approach to learning will prepare them for a successful life beyond the school gates. 

We warmly invite you to contact us to discuss how we can partner with you to provide your children with a learning foundation for a life well lived.