A Year 7 update

Written by Ray Hockley (Year 2 Coordinator)

College life

Our Year 7 students have had a challenging but rewarding year at MCC, yet, despite the disruptions with COVID 19, they have still managed to settle well back into school life. Our Year 7s’ have made great friendships and adjusted well to the demands of a rigorous and diverse educational experience. Instead of having only having a few teachers in primary school, they now have over 10 teachers and are moving from room to room throughout each day to attend their specialist subjects.

As someone who oversees the Year 7s, I have been very impressed with their willingness to cooperate and it’s evident that they want to do well. They are friendly, polite, well attired, and enthusiastic about their learning.  The Year 7s are a very energetic bunch and are often found playing handball or in our bush area making cubby houses during the break times. They appreciate the wide-open spaces that MCC has to offer, which allows them to connect with the beauty and diversity of the natural bush environment. Just last week I took my class for a walk as a part of their Christian Living lesson and we came across a group of 5 grey kangaroos grazing and soaking up the morning sun. I thought to myself, there are not many schools where you could experience the wonders of God’s creation right in your backyard.

Beacon Program

Throughout the year the Year 7 students have participated in the Beacon program each Wednesday morning. This program is designed to build values and develop the character of our students. Term 2 focused on helping students to develop resilience and sound mental health and in Term 3 the focus will be to develop and maintain healthy relationships. Each week the students listen to a guest speaker, followed by a time to unpack the topic with their Pastoral Care teachers. The topic for our last session was “Becoming the friend that you want’ which was led by our Principal, Rod McNeill. Mr McNeill spoke to the students about the importance of communicating correctly, using ‘I feel’ words rather than ‘You are’, and realising how important friendships are.

Creating a strong foundation for the future The broad variety of programs, as well as the safe and nurturing environment we are fostering, is helping to create a solid foundation for our Year 7s as they continue at Mundaring Christian College. Our students will be future leaders and ambassadors for positive change in our world and so we are working hard to harness and encourage these attributes.  Our goal is to see each Year 7 child grow into a good citizen, to appreciate God’s love for them and to achieve their full potential.