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Chidlow Carols Youth Choir

Found in: Community Notices

Is again being sponsored for 2019 by the Chidlow Progress Association.

Last year’s event saw 17 children aged 5-14 years from four local schools participate in this wonderful activity.

And this year, we hope to have even more singers. Educators are familiar with how choir is a joy, while improving academics and citizenship, but often have little timetable free for such experiences.

This FREE 6 week activity allows children to experience the magic of singing in a choir whilst building lasting community connections. This is a mixed age, group experience which is also a special experience.

You can help us by sharing this opportunity with your school and wider community by using the promotion image attached in your newsletter, at the end of TERM 3, and/or again, at the start of TERM 4. Your support is greatly appreciated.

Directing our children’s carols in 2018 and recently conducting in the highly acclaimed One Big Voice Festival in August 2019, Suzie Thompson is back to direct the Chidlow Carols Youth Choir for our community beginning Tuesday 29th October.