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2019 College Registration

Posted by Mr Rod McNeill (Principal) | Found in: Leadership Blog

As many of you may know, last week was our Registration Visit to both campuses.

Registration is the process where the Department of Education for Western Australia does a thorough audit of our school: including governance, finances, leadership, education standards, record keeping, student safety, staff conduct and pastoral care. We submitted a mountain of documents over a month ago and these were closely scrutinised by ten specialist staff. A retired principal and administrative assistant then visited the school, armed with very comprehensive questions. They looked over both campuses and spoke to parents, primary and secondary students, the CEO, senior staff and Board members, and leading and new teachers. It was a busy day. And the culmination of something we have been working towards in the background all year.

This is an excerpt from an email I sent that evening to staff, board members and the parents who helped us on the day:
"Today Georgie and Mani came for our Registration. They started by speaking with our parents. Georgie said that it was “an encouraging way to start", and at the end of the day Georgie left us with these final words:

"My job is to see if your policies and plans are not just words on a page but are real and alive. This is usually the time to clarify problems. It’s my time to congratulate. I don’t say this lightly...I would gladly send my grandkids (10 & 8 years old) to MCC."
Georgie goes on to say:

"I asked parents, staff, students, and the board to repeat one word that characterised MCC. Two words resonate clearly.

  1. CONNECTED - your documents, policy, and alignment with SCEA tell a consistent story. Your students feel known, safe, supported, cared for and heard. They belong and this is very poignant, your vision is clear and alive.
  2. AUTHORSHIP - they are part of this school with a sense of place, their ideas are heard, and they feel safe to be innovative, have a willingness to share ideas and know they will be respected. There is great cohesion and commitment among them. You have many long-term staff. 

The atmosphere of MCC is collaborative, trusting and safe. ACARA recognises you as being a school of significant value adding to your students. Your students want to come to school."

Then Mani spoke of the official letter we’d receive and if there were conditions for us to attend to for registration. Georgia interjected and said, “There won’t be any conditions, or I don’t know my job."

The outcome could not have been better. I’m so grateful for the hard work, professionalism and authentic spirit you all bring to our community.
What humbled me is that the message and life of our college was so clear and consistent to these observers; and we know it is carried by us all.
Thanks, so good to be part of this story and God’s purpose. What you do glorifies God.”

To finish, I would like to thank everyone in our broader community that help to make this school so well appreciated.

Mr Rod McNeill