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Academic Extension at MCC

Found in: Leadership Blog

All parents believe their children to be gifted and/or talented. So do we!

Extension programs at most schools are generally aimed at offering small groups of ‘identified’ students the opportunity to participate in challenging courses to extend them. In fact, a recent trawl of school websites alerted me to exactly that! The difference between these schools and our school is that we don’t withdraw a small number of students and give them access to elitist programs, we give all students access to extension beyond what is expected, in every lesson!

“My child is in the extension class” and “my child is in a gifted and talented program” can become merely bragging rights for parents without even knowing what their child might be doing when they are taken out to these programs.

At MCC we ensure that all children have access to ‘challenging courses that extend them’. All students are explicitly taught Creative and Critical Thinking skills in all subjects. This is done through our aligning A-E reporting grades with Bloom’s Taxonomy of thinking skills. Our whole-school assessment policy makes it mandatory for all teachers to teach higher-order skills such as evaluating, justifying and analysing to every student and to assess these skills in every assessment task. We work on the premise that all students can do these things if they are taught how and if teachers expect them to be able to.

So, if your friends are looking for a school for their child, and they want their child to be extended and challenged to be the best they can be, point them in our direction.

Dr Thelma Perso
Director of Teaching and Learning