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Exciting new opportunity for our Primary students

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Creativity program to help student learning. This is a must read!!

We have been chosen to be part of an exciting program to be initiated at the Primary Campus. Working on the concept that developing student creativity will lift their performance across all learning areas (which is a deeply held value of our College), a program has been developed where an artist in residence will help our students.

This exciting innovation has been developed by FORM, Building A State Of Creativity.

Here’s how it works: we’ve been picked as one of five schools in the state to be part of the program. This is primarily because our enthusiasm and desire to cultivate creativity melds so well with this program.

International educators Paul Collard and Paul Gorman will be coming to Australia to work intensively for one month with highly-regarded local artists on creative learning programs across primary curriculum.

An “artist in residence” will be appointed to work with our school over a sixteen week period. They will be working with teachers and students in our Years 1 and 2, and 5 and 6. The program will be tailored specifically for the characteristics of our school.

The teachers in these classes will also be working directly with professional development in preparation. The outcomes of this exciting program are designed to be lasting and create programs that will lift student learning across all their subject areas.

The Year 3 and 4 classes will not be missing out, but will be involved in attending a Scribblers event over two days later in the year.

In fact, our partnership into the future with FORM, I believe, will continue to provide opportunities into exciting possibilities for our students including: Podcasting caravans, art events, and connections with other creative communities.

While Paul Collard is in Australia preparing the program with our teachers and relevant artists, he will come to visit our school for an open twilight meeting.

I would like to offer an open invitation to all our parents to be part of this event on Thursday 22 March from 6:00 p.m.

Paul will be creating an immersive experience called Be Your Kid where you will have an opportunity to experience the kind of class your students will enjoy.

Now, knowing you quite well, I imagine that some of you will be thinking “This could only be embarrassing… if only you know what sort of student I was…”. I promise it will be fun, and what happens on the night stays on the night!

It will be great, please make time to be a part of this evening.

Here is a link to FORM for more information: https://www.form.net.au/

Mr Rod McNeill