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Extraordinary Opportunities

Found in: Leadership Blog

Welcome to the 2018 school year, we are so glad you are part of our community. We want this school to provide extraordinary opportunities for your child. We have to think well and be different… And to be honest with you, distinctly Christian.

Most kids will be arriving at schools today, generally larger, that will inadvertently place limits upon them. Here's how it goes: Welcome students, at some stage soon you will be tested or somehow judged and then placed in advanced, standard, or general classes. In these classes teachers will teach you advanced, standard and general curriculum. We will decide which classes to put you in.The chances of moving between classes is slight (especially upwards and improving; down will be easier). 

That's not the way we work. The first thing I want to say is, it is impossible to look at someone in their early years and think you know what their limits are. I want to say to our students: suspend your judgements of yourselves: I'm not good at this, can't do that, I'm not that bright. How would you know? Take up the opportunity, give it a go, put in an effort… You'll surprise yourself. You're better than you think.

Faith in the Future (our motto) means we have faith in your future and will work hard to give you an atmosphere of faith, hope and love.

Our job is not to limit you but to lift you. Our job when you do an assessment is to say, OK, this is where you are - this is how you can improve. Think of yourself as a hero in a computer game (probably a lot of you already do). We're the ones that give you the weapons and resources to make it to the next level.

If we say we believe in a God who regards faith, hope and love as being the most important and eternal attributes, then we should build an atmosphere that inspires faith, hope and love in you… And that should be what you experience.

So remember this, you're better and more valuable than you think you are, and we want you to think about the opportunities and possibilities that are before you: in this College and for this year. It's going to be good.

Mr Rod McNeill