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From the Principal's Desk

Found in: Leadership Blog

Every term we will be having an Open Parent Forum, as we are this evening. Essentially these are parent committee meetings, chaired by the parent committee. Generally, the CEO, Mr Stephen Lee, and a member of the SCEA Board will attend as observers.

The purpose of these open meetings is to create openness and communication:

1) Understanding of how the Parent Committee operates and who they are.
2) Opportunity for the CEO and Board to see the operation of the College, and be seen.
3) Opportunity for parents to ask questions in an open forum. The protocol of submitting questions beforehand is not so that questions can be vetted, but to provide time to prepare more informed and considered answers. There will generally be opportunity to ask questions directly on the night, which will be answered; but may or may not be able to be answered adequately instantly.

Our first meeting this year included speakers providing information about the use of technology and teaching and learning initiatives at the college. Future meetings will mostly be Parent Committee meetings with a question time included, generally to the Principal.

The chair of the Parent Committee, CEO of SCEA, or SCEA board member might help with answers, depending on the question asked.

Let me just share the purpose and use of interim reports. They are not an official report, which are public documents, mandated by the Australian Government and having specific requirements. These take a lot of planning, review and correction from teachers and senior staff.

Interim reports are simply a quick snapshot of a student’s progress prior to parent interviews to indicate how a student is travelling. It is an informal note to you.

Information on the report includes missed lessons for any reason (as different from absentee), assignments handed in, and whether they expect to receive a C, at least. They are not an official or lasting document, but prelude opportunities for detailed information. Many parents have thought the information very helpful as providing information "at a glance". Some have suggested different information they would like to receive (remember short and sharp is the format). Some thought they were a bit messy. I appreciate all feedback and we may act on this and respond if significant. Future interim reports will probably be entirely electronic. This is the direction our ICT Department is currently working on.

The education of your child is a partnership between parents/carers and the College. We want to be a college where communication between parents/carers and teachers regarding learning is clear and transparent. Every teacher’s contact details are on our web, with a link on our App. If you send an email to a teacher, please expect a 2/3 day turnaround as sometimes they can have full teaching days in a row (a teacher is given a small portion only of their work time for Duties Other Than Teaching (DOTT) including: answering emails, following up students, preparing lessons, attending meetings etc …..PS: it’s never enough).

Parent, student and teacher meetings will be held next week and are ten minutes long. You can request additional appointments with teachers for specific, more detailed discussion.

Can I say that parent, student and teacher meetings are gold! If you possibly can; please be part of this process. Teachers are prepared and can provide timely and specific information and you can see multiple teachers with very little organisation. You get real information about your child from multiple sources and minimum fuss!

So to the tune of "What the world needs now is love sweet love", please join me in singing,

“What the world needs now is fuss, less fuss.

It’s the only thing there’s just toooo little of”

See you at the parent, student and teacher meetings.

Mr Rod McNeill