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Gaining Momentum

Posted by Mr Rod McNeill (Principal) | Found in: Leadership Blog

We had a profoundly encouraging evening at the Secondary Campus on Wednesday.

We had organised a general information evening around enrolling for Year 7 (or any of our Secondary years). First session was 3:30pm to 4:30pm, then a repeat 6:30pm to 7:30pm. It’s always an unknown when you organise an event … how many will come? I would have been happy if 25 came to each session (please don’t think I’m lacking vision). Around 140 adults and children came to each session. We were all thrilled at the turn out. Some of our primary parents and students came, some of our future enrolments came; but most were visiting our College for the first time.
To me, that wasn’t the only encouraging element. I was also encouraged by the sense of momentum that you can tangibly feel on this campus. There was such a positive vibe around the entire evening and those that visited left very appreciative and positive about their experience. Let me detail why:

1) The example of our students: Student leaders from Years 7-11 and our School Captains were there to greet families, look after the creche and take school age visitors on a treasure hunt tour of the school. I often write how proud I am of our students. As we were eating pizza between sessions, I mentioned to them that the great encouragement of their help is that visitors considering our college could see them and think, “I’d like my child to grow to be like them.” They did such a good job. Claire (Year 10) and Tom (Year 12) spoke wonderfully. As I’m writing this, Marilyn has just dropped in from reception and said, “I’ve had two calls today from parents who attended and they were over the moon about the contribution of our students and the way that they looked after our students so caringly.” Nice coincidence.

2) Our great hospitality: our Year 11 Traineeship students, under the caring eye of Mrs Edwards, served quiches, delicate sausage rolls, sushi, soup from vegetables grown in our gardens, cupcakes, fruit kebabs and chocolate brownies. All cooked to perfection by the students and served with aplomb. Sending the message, what is there not to like about this school?

3) Claire and Tom’s great message: As mentioned, Claire spoke about her experience joining the school from Year 7 and Tom from Kindergarten. They both spoke so well. I had simply wanted them to speak about how MCC was unique to them. Both of them spoke about the care and respect they’d experienced from teachers and the excellence in their learning and how they had grown and enjoyed the spirit of our College.
It was a very encouraging evening (I’m repeating myself; I know). From my perspective, we’ve all worked hard to establish this Campus as an extension of learning from our Primary Campus. We’re gaining momentum. My message to the parents is the good story at the heart of what we do. I’ve said it before and still love to say it: At MCC your child will be given opportunity, they will have a voice and they will grow in character; it’s true and it’s happening now. My profound thanks not just for the work of making Wednesday a success, but for all of us working together for this great cause.

Mr Rod McNeill