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Games in the Primary School

Found in: Leadership Blog

Recently a Primary parent gave me some great suggestions for recess and lunch activities at the Primary School.

Students have had a number of areas and things to play with at recess and lunchtime; including sport equipment in the Gym, building equipment in the sandpit playground, cubbies in the bush, Tonka Trucks for Year One and Two and reading quietly in the Library etc.

However there are some students who enjoy other options - and increasing the types of activities available will give all students variety and choice.

Students in the Primary Campus will now be able to play skipping games with large skipping ropes, elastics, hula-hoops, marbles and even match-box cars during their breaks. In the next few weeks an area will be set up for these activities, where students can play safely.

We encourage students to leave their own toys at home, as they may become lost or damaged. However, if you have any old match-box cars that you no longer require, please consider dropping these to the Primary Campus for students to use.

It is always great when a parent or parents have an idea, bring it to me, and if at all possible - we are able to make it happen.

We are partners in the educational life of your children, and working-well together is how we want to operate.

Mr Rod McNeill