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It's still a journey, but we're getting there

Found in: Leadership Blog

There is a time and process with regard to change and school improvement.

At first it looks like disruption and sort of chaotic. General expectations are being upset and life isn’t moving along with the same expectations that once were taken for granted. There will be unexpected challenges, slip-ups and reconsiderations along the way. This element of change is uncomfortable, like the bird in the nest constantly fed by the parents; all of a sudden it stops as the chick is challenged to develop and fly.

To move from the shake up stage to any sort of lasting improvement means hard work. Work with a vision: like explorers, “we’re not there yet, but we’re on the way”; or a farmer, “now we plough and sow, but in due season we shall reap.”

There needs to be a time however, where the efforts and vision required to bring change start to bear fruit. We begin to see results.

I believe our College has come to this stage.

Over the last four years we have been working specifically and strategically through a number of changes in order to place our College as a distinct and real school of choice in our community and a two-campus school able to support a child throughout their school years with excellence.

Physical surroundings: in the last four years we have: doubled the Early Learning Centre and built the adventure playground, developed the primary library, extended the art room and enclosed the gym. The gardens have been upgraded including the oval, shade sails over seating area, new driveways and bus waiting area. The first specialist stage of the Parkerville campus has been completed and the second stage has commenced in the back planning phase, aiming for a 2017 build.

Academic: Teacher professional development is part of the culture of our college through Professional Learning Teams. These have engaged with development of quality assessment, learning support and extension, and raising the level of student expectation and accomplishment. We have seen improved results in NAPLAN, and individual student grades across the College. Teachers recognise and appreciate their learning development through the work of our teams, lead teachers and Director of Teaching and Learning.

Student Spirit: There has been a noticeable lift in student engagement and behaviour across the college. Teachers are spending less time managing behaviour and more time teaching. I am proud of our students and we regularly receive compliments for their respectfulness, sportsmanship and encouraging camaraderie. Parents contribute directly to the spirit of the college though their support from home, volunteer help and mutual support in times of shared challenge.

This is a remarkable school, not just another school. It is a joy and privilege to work here.

Some of the effects of this have been that many of our classes are now full and waitlists are developing.  Year 7 intake for 2017 and 2018 is now full and waiting lists are developing. All students in the Primary Campus have a guaranteed place in the Secondary Campus. If you currently have a child at the Secondary Campus and intend siblings to join them in the future in Year 7, I would encourage you to contact our Enrolments Officer, Mrs Carol Cooper, as soon as possible.

We have places remaining in the ELC and junior primary, but senior primary is quite full. If you have any questions regarding enrolment please contact Carol through the College Office.

Thank you for being with us along this continuing journey.  We understand that we partner together with parents and carers for the sake of your children and to the glory of God.

Ps 127:1 Unless the Lord builds the house, They labour in vain who build it.

Rod McNeill