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Live Parent & Staff Chat Room at PITCH

Posted by Mrs Antoinette Wilson (Head of Primary) | Found in: Leadership Blog


A partnership can work or be true when; people involved collaborate, when they have the opportunity to discuss what really matters, and when they listen to each other.

Our most recent PITCH meeting, "A Live Parent Chat Forum", was planned with this in mind.

We met to provide a space where all involved could bring their questions, opinions, and ideas forward with the idea that it would be discussed, either at that present meeting or in future meetings planned. We don’t see these discussions only as an end in itself but also as a springboard from which parent ideas, comments, and questions could be taken back to staff for review over current practices.

This meeting was very successful. Discussion on the day was focused around questions on homework, reporting, healthy food at the canteen, waste management, and much more. It was a great starting point to help us plan for future discussions that will truly be of interest to our parents. 

Next week, Tuesday 11 June, we will start off by discussing reporting, feedback, and the use of rubrics to measure and encourage student achievement. With reports due to be handed out to parents at the end of this semester, we believe it will be a timely and useful discussion. 

We hope to see many parents joining us, with ideas and questions. New ideas for future discussions can also always be added, so bring those as well.

Mrs Antionette Wilson