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Looking back with Gratitude (and a bit of surprise)

Posted by Mr Rod McNeill (Principal) | Found in: Leadership Blog

Looking back at the beginning of Covid-19 seems kind of weird and strangely distant.

Early on into the pandemic, I remember writing an article around the idea that, together as a nation we handled the bushfires well (generosity, community support, consideration) but were seeming to handle these COVID-times badly (videos of people fighting over toilet paper).

Things then began to change. Rapidly the ravages of COVID became apparent across the world and our stark contrast seemed to grow safer, well lead, and generally, we were “sensibly” looking after one another. When I spoke to alarmed friends from overseas, they thought Australia (OK and New Zealand) is doing it smart. I’m grateful that in Australia we turned our story around and are now doing it well, together.

It is not the end of the story. With things rapidly and constantly changing, I feel nervous about strutting our “Aussie” stuff too early. However, that is what I would like to do when I think about our College’s experience during these times…it’s not strutting, it is deep gratitude.

I’m grateful for:

Finding light in the darkness, seeing students and parents generously give away essential products to the elderly and those in need, seeing our Hospitality students cook meals for those in need, having students write cards of encouragement to essential service workers and the elderly, and having teachers who willingly adapted to change and continued teaching students through various ‘online platforms’ in a manner that was caring, personal, and fun.

“We stayed together even though we stayed at home”.

We developed a heartfelt appreciation for one another through our shared circumstances.

We discovered that a strong school community is not just about being a place where you come to get information. It is a place where we learn, we grow, we give and get help, and become something better together.

Our words for the time were: let’s get through this together. It seems we are.

Thank you Mundaring Christian College.

Thank you to all those in our community and our country that have worked and built to good. 

Rod McNeill
College Principal