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Most outrageous gossip I’ve ever heard!

Found in: Leadership Blog

Big brother is watching you. Our newsletter has a way of recording who opens each part of our Newsletter.

Mrs Guy come to me laughing last week, "Rod, 97 people have read your LSL notification, only 40 your main article."

Hence the outrageous title, a cheeky attempt to draw you in! Did it work? Actually, it raises a good point. The hills community is quite close and distinct. Most of us live here because we want to have identity and not be part of some extensive urban sprawl. We don’t want to live close to our neighbours, but most of us want to be close to them. Hills people have a different sense of themselves. There is a lot of volunteerism and local events, like the Twilight Markets or Carols by Candle-light are very well attended.

We want our College to reflect these positive elements of community. Just yesterday, I was discussing with representatives from Friends of MCC some activities for the year: quiz night or car boot sales or a twilight event of our own. We’ll let you know as the year unfolds.

This is a good place to be and we would love you to get involved, sign up to the Friends of MCC Facebook page, make friends by helping in the Canteen or Library or in classes.

The down side of close community is that it can be gossipy. Some of the rumours I’ve heard at times have been absolutely amazing. I know you’ll know what I mean. My advice is always: go to the source. If you want to know about a class, talk to the teacher. About school activities, talk to our admin staff (they have been hand-picked from across the globe, I mean across the hills…but they’re good). If you want to know about bigger picture issues: in primary, Mrs Wilson; secondary, Mr Anderson; whole school Dr Perso or myself. During the year we also have Open Parent Committee Meetings, where anyone can raise any thought that is important to you.

We try to communicate in multiple ways: notes, newsletters, our app, website, sms messages, phone… we understand that different people respond to different platforms. It is a very core value to me to listen and be accessible to every member of our community...Well, as soon as I get back from Long Service Leave, I mean! Have a great time until then. I look forward to seeing you all, not so soon.

Mr Rod McNeill

PS - We’ll be looking to see who has read this. Did the heading draw you in?