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Mundaring’s Outstanding Success in NAPLAN

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Mundaring’s Outstanding Success in NAPLAN

After some delays in the release of NAPLAN data due to conjecture over the best way to compare online and paper tests, we have finally received feedback to schools. Parents should receive individual results later this term.

We have a lot to celebrate.

Overall, our results were very pleasing. Out of 20 measures (Reading, Writing, Grammar & Punctuation, Spelling, Numeracy in each of years 3, 5, 7 and 9), we are at or above the national average in 15 of them. MCC is represented by the green dot in the graphs below.


Year 3 and Year 5 are doing very well and congratulations to all students and our team of teachers in Mrs Cornish (Year 3), Mr Chan (Year 4), Mrs Rullo (Year 5), and Miss Piestrzeniewicz (Year 5). Year 7 results are influenced by the large intake of new pupils to our College in Year 7 for the beginning of their Secondary schooling. We expect to see these averages close and overtake the national average over time as experienced with current Year 9 Cohort.

We are performing exceptionally well from Years 7 to 9. Our consistently above average results in Year 9 highlight our outstanding team of teachers in Mrs Chodakowsky, Mrs Lagator, Miss Sargent, Mrs Wayner, Ms Measham (English) and Mrs Chan, Mr Lee & Mr Prestwidge, Miss Vander Ros (Maths). These teachers typify the value added by the school from the time of the last test in Year 7 to May this year. Mrs Green (Numeracy) & Mrs Sorgiovani (Literacy) also do an excellent job leading their teams.

In the graphs below, we see that the gap between the national average and the school average indicates the value we are adding to your child’s learning in each of the five areas tested.


We are most proud of the Year 9 Numeracy, Reading, Writing & Spelling, having come from behind to above in all cases.

While some debate over the future of NAPLAN occurs, here at Mundaring Christian College we appreciate the insight it gives our teachers to celebrate the success of their students and to focus on areas of improvement.

Many thanks to Dr Thelma Perso who has set the bar high in terms of assessment standards in the College and no small part of this fantastic result is down to her guidance.

Please join with us to congratulate our exceptional teachers and thank them for the hard work that produced these results. The hard work of your children also needs to be acknowledged and we mustn’t forget the support and encouragement that all of you give your children. All in all, a great team effort!

Mr David Elsing