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NAPLAN Celebration - Students!

Found in: Leadership Blog

Last week I wrote an article for the MCC newsletter titled “MCC celebrates school results on NAPLAN”.

I compared class averages obtained with those of the previous year to indicate improvements made, compared with the same year classes of previous classes.

This week I will talk about the particular students themselves; how much improvement students who sat the tests this year had made since their previous NAPLAN tests.

This data is very valuable to us because we can look at the amount of improvement individual students have made compared with the improvements of students the same age across Australia.


For example, the chart left indicates that this year’s Year 9 students (i.e. those who sat the Year 7 test in 2014, the Year 5 test in 2012 and the Year 3 test in 2010) have made significant gains in Numeracy, surpassing the national average by a significant amount.



Similarly, our current Year 7 students (i.e. those who sat the Year 5 test in 2014 and the Year 3 test in 2012) have made significant gains in their reading, well and truly surpassing the National average for their same-age cohort.



Our current Year 5 students (those who sat the Year 3 test in 2014) should be equally proud of their results. Their improvements have resulted in the class average increasing from 387 to 505!! Amazing achievement!

Of course we don’t have any similar result for Year 3 students because their first test was this year. However, we can only assume that their teachers have added a great deal of value from Kindy right through to Year 3; as last week’s data showed when we compared our school results with students from other schools.


Let us all join in celebrating these fabulous improvements – and make sure you thank your child’s teacher when you see them next!

Dr Thelma Perso
Director of Teaching and Learning