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Now that the dust has settled a bit

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I feel like I say this a lot, but I went to a lot of different schools. I started Early Learning in Singapore, went to a large primary school near Holsworthy, NSW, Military base (while dad was in Vietnam, at war), a tiny Catholic school (one class for each row in the room) in Queenscliffe, Vic., (my recollection was our nun who was wizened but ferocious); a large catholic boys school in Strathmont, SA and then skipped a year of primary to start High School at another boys school in Canberra (I stayed in the one school for all of Secondary).

So even now, I can still recall the feeling of coming to a new school. This year 89 students began at MCC for the first time and all MCC students started either in a new campus, in a new year or with a new teacher.

First impressions are important, and we have worked hard to make sure that we begin well. Students and parents get to know teachers, and one another. A lot of our teaching has been designed to give students opportunities to get to know one another. Our Meet, Greet and Eat was a fantastic success. Lots of people came out and there was a very positive atmosphere, thanks to the hard work of our “Friends of MCC” team.

We have had a lot of very positive feedback from parents and students at the start of the year.

Unfortunately, nothing that involves humans (or technology) is seamless.

If your child is having problems with using technology, we want to make sure this is rectified quickly. Our resident IT expert is Mr Bronkhorst, who you can contact through the College Office if the case is persistent. The best first step is to notify your child's class teacher in Primary Campus or their Pastoral Care (PC) teacher in the Secondary Campus.

With new beginnings in any area, there is often a form of ebb and flow. The first week of excitement can slump in the early weeks. It is important to us that students coming to school have good relationships with one another, with their teachers and a healthy sense of optimism. Please contact us if there is any support or help we can provide.

Below is a list of extra-curricular activities for students, which is a great way of developing students relationships and positive experience at school.

Primary Campus

  • Futsal Training - Tuesday
  • Game Club - Tuesday
  • Aviation Program - Tuesday
  • Before/After School Sport - Wednesday and Friday
  • Adventure Through Time Enrichment Program - Wednesday
  • Youth Group - Friday
Secondary Campus
  • English Help Club - Tuesday
  • Year 11 & 12 Study Session - Tuesday
  • Mathematics Help Club - TBA
  • Youth Group - Wednesday 
  • Futsal Training - Thursday 
  • Creative Writing - Friday (Lunchtime)

See the College Calendar for more information.

Mr Rod McNeill