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Our fantastic teachers and students!

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Some of you might know that the MySchool website uploaded last year’s NAPLAN data last week.

Our students in Years 3, 5, 7 and 9 last year sat the test in May 2016.  It is impossible to give you information about the ‘growth’ of students in Year 3 since they didn’t sit a test in Kindergarten. We can give you information however compared with the previous year’s students – this indicates more about how the school is going than how the students are going, since the comparison is not with the same students!

Leadership/Key.jpg Leadership/Results.jpg

These results show that our school is improving in two categories, staying the same in two and has regressed in one. This data is used to inform our strategic planning and we are already working hard on improving all of these areas, and most particularly, reading. This work begins when students are in Kindergarten. The biggest predictor for student reading is phonological awareness which is the technical term for “can the children hear all the sounds in the English language and make them with their mouths”. Clearly if they can’t do this they will never be able to read or write the sounds. There are 44 different sounds in the English language and parents can help us to teach their children to listen to these sounds and then make the sounds – this will help enormously towards their ability to read and write.

For students in Years 5, 7, and 9 the results indicate the growth and improvement in these students since they sat the NAPLAN tests two years prior to this. For example, the data for Reading 3-5 reveals the improvements that last year’s Year 5 students made between Years 3 and Year 5 in Reading at MCC. Below are a sample of our results shown on the MySchool website:

The key to the below indicates the comparisons made in the graph.


Average achievement of MCC students (navy blue line with diamond at each end)
Margin of error
Average achievement of students in similar schools
Average achievement of students with same starting score (light blue line with triangle at each end)
Average achievement of all students in Australian schools (purple line with square at each end)

Below are a sample of our ‘growth’ results.

Reading 3-5



Reading 5-7


Reading 7-9


Writing 5-7


Writing 7-9


Numeracy 3-5


Numeracy 7-9


Please join with us in congratulating our teachers and students for these extraordinary achievements resulting from their hard work. We wish them well in this year’s tests, coming up in May.

Dr Thelma Perso
Director of Teaching and Learning