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Primary WOW Days

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 Term Four started with a big 'WOW' in the Primary years.

Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten students will look at people in the community this term and came to school dressed as doctors, nurses, emergency service and construction workers - just to name a few!

Pre Kindergarten WOW Day Kindergarten WOW Day


Pre-Primary students took part in a high tea. They were taught to waltz, and then enjoyed a high tea served, by their teachers. This gave them the opportunity to experience fine dining!

PP Waltzing PP High Tea PP High Tea


Year One and Two students are learning about all different celebrations from around the world. They started the term with a party! Each class enjoyed party activities like making party food and paper crafts. Then all joined together on the oval for party games. 

Year One Year Two.2 Party Year Two


Year Three and Four students were introduced to their theme Care4Creation. Students spent time learning about recycling, and were challenged to build the tallest, free-standing tower possible.

Recycling! Building Towers Measuring towers


The Year Five and Six students started their theme 'Survivors'. Students were sorted into 'tribes' and will participate in a range of mental and physical fun challenges to promote teamwork and determination. They participted in a scavenger hunt and discussed what makes a good survivor and also played a few games.

Survivor Map