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You are under a rest!

Most people, when they think of Christianity, think of it in terms of “stuff that you do.” Go to church instead of sleeping in on Sunday, be good and do good things, mix in a bit of charity, hospitality, kind actions and a thank you card or two …… Work we do for God to help the planet get by and be better, and prove more convincingly that we deserve a good afterlife and some blessing while we’re here.

It is actually quite different. Listen to this (read really) from the Bible.

Hebrews 4:9-10 There remains therefore a rest for the people of God. For he who has entered His rest has himself also ceased from his works as God did from His.

There is some complex theology here but basically it is saying two things:

1. God wants you to “rest” in the fact that He will do for you more than you can do for Him. You will be loved and actually helped in a way that you can never earn or deserve.

2. God put “rest” into creation. God created for six days, culminating with man, with whom He was well pleased. On the seventh day He “rested”.

I don’t fully understand God resting. What I do know is this; He wanted people who served Him to rest. Having a day off is biblical. Imagine the soul destroying drudgery of every day being like the one before and working endlessly. There is real biblical truth in TGIF. The word ‘holidays’ comes from the words Holy Days.

It has been a wonderful and busy year. Every year seems to go faster than the year    before. We often try to cram so much in, or somebody else does the cramming and we do the  running around.

A time of rest is coming. Enjoy it, build great memories with friends and family, put your feet up, play with the kids. I am convinced that some of the best ideas, most memorable moments and turning points in our lives can come out of a well-earned and well enjoyed rest.

From all of our staff: May Christmas and the holiday period be significant and  wonderful for your family. Thank you for being part of our community in 2014. We’re looking forward to 2015, but not quite yet. We need to rest a little bit first.

Rod McNeill