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Building Leadership

Luke 2:40 And the Child grew and became strong in spirit, filled with wisdom; and the grace of God was upon Him. 

Last weekend 24 students from Year 7-10 attended our first Leadership Camp. Senior School Coordinator Mr Anderson organised the camp activities and Miss Vander Ros, Mr Bailey and I participated as well. Students were really positive about their experiences and I am absolutely thrilled about the development of this dimension in our College life.

The camp operates on two levels. Informing and developing leadership skills and qualities amongst students as well as providing challenging opportunities that extend students physically, build teamwork and provide opportunities for practical leadership.

Contemporary society often characterises leadership in terms of power, ambition and a self-oriented drive to be top dog. Our emphasis promotes the idea of influencing others positively through service, self-giving and compassionate consideration of others. A leader’s influence will ultimately be according to their character and values rather than their charisma and charm. During our discussion sessions, students who attended were thoughtful and considerate. In a world where fame and popularity seems to be overtaking substance and value, these are good conversations and understandings for our students to develop.

During activities that involved mountain bike riding, canoeing, and team games, it was wonderful to watch students persevere and develop toughness as well as tenderly support and encourage their team-mates.

For me, the great excitement comes from spending time with students who have remarkably inspiring qualities and helping them develop their confidence, capacities and consideration. It is such a positive experience to be involved in building the exemplary core and spirit of our College. This camp last weekend was another important milestone in encouraging the development of young men and women that already are a positive influence on the world around them. We will continue to build and extend our leadership program. Thank you to the students who came, the teachers and Mr Bailey who helped, Mary-Anne Goulden for cooking and the parents that supported their sons and daughters in coming.