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The following was shared at the recent Mundaring Shire meeting regarding the Development Application for our Parkerville Campus. With the development receiving the green light it is full steam ahead to open in 2016.

  • Mundaring Christian College students at the Parkerville Campus siteThis is a fantastic school. It is designed and will be constructed to be one of the leading schools in Australia in terms of building design and student learning. 
  • Our staff are introducing cutting-edge teaching practices, which were recently showcased at an ACER national conference.  
  • The learning spaces are designed for learners in the 21st Century; not for 19th century factories. This campus will put the shire of Mundaring on the educational map of Australia.

Throughout the Development Application process we have acted with goodwill and good faith towards both the Shire and the local community:

  • We consulted the Shire when acquiring the property
  • We worked cooperatively and responsively with Shire Officers and consultants engaged by the Shire in the mediation process
  • Those people we hold in high regard and ask you to give due weight to their expertise

We have carefully considered concerns of the local community:

  • We have adapted the original Development Application and have now agreed to upgrade Roland Road to the value in excess of $350,000
  • We have placed the school in a concealed and distant location from housing
  • Road safety for local residents and the school community has been a major planning consideration
  • We will not be developing 90 out of the 110 acre property but rather will responsibly maintain this bushland
  • We have already planned to reduce the fire load

We ask the Council tonight to consider the big picture of benefits for the entire Shire in this Senior College.

  • Students will not have long trips down the hill for their education
  • There is already an existing need evident as the Shire grows and develops

In an atmosphere where a lot of perspectives are charged with emotion, we ask you to think responsibly and clearly, to look at the evidence from the Shire Officers and the mediators, and to support this application.

Parkerville Campus Site  Parkerville Campus Site