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Student Voice

Posted by Mr David Elsing (Head of Secondary) | Found in: Leadership Blog

At MCC we believe that when we allow students to have a voice, they can positively influence their school environment and improve student wellbeing.

Academics is our core mission, so when students feel like they can positively influence the College environment, they grow a greater sense of commitment to our mission and, therefore, to their academic studies & learning.

To this end, last week, we conducted our annual student feedback survey about student perceptions of teaching quality. Students spend more time with teachers than anyone else and generally know what good teaching looks and feels like. Their responses were characterized by positive, helpful, and mature responses, giving our teaching staff invaluable information to help us improve our practice. This year we conducted the survey in Term 2 so that teachers have time to action the feedback.

The surveys will be collated and sent to each teacher. Teachers will have the opportunity to read and reflect on the responses. From there, they will then have a discussion with a trusted colleague or their Head Teacher about how they can use the data for professional goal setting, development, and future planning.

Student ratings of teachers are sometimes not considered a valid source of information because students lack knowledge about the full context of teaching, and their ratings may be susceptible to bias, or rate according to popularity and personality rather than instructional quality. However, studies suggest that these worries might be exaggerated and that student feedback can be valuable component teacher development. Studies conclude that students can respond reliably and validly when rating their teachers (Follman, 1992, 1995, Worrell & Luterbach, 2001) Furthermore student ratings tend to correlate with student achievement.

I’m proud to lead in a school that values student voice and look forward to working with students to improve the learning quality at our school. A sincere thank you to all teachers who make themselves vulnerable in this process because they care deeply for the students they teach and value their contribution.

Kind Regards,
Dave Elsing