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Students away but teachers not at play

Found in: Leadership Blog

SCEA hosted our annual Better Education Conference while students weren't at school Thursday and Friday of last week. The conference was a tribute to the size and professionalism of our association of schools.

The keynote speakers Dave Faulkner and Aaron Tait (Founders of Education Changemakers) were inspirational: drawing on experience in schools from sub-Saharan Africa to central Australia they first challenged and engaged teachers. Over the period of two days this lead to brainstorming, problem solving and strategic planning amongst our staff. (As an interesting side note, our own Dr Perso had previously been the line manager of David Faulkner - Young Australian of the Year, when they worked in NT).

At opportunities like this, I am consistently impressed by the enthusiasm of our staff to provide new initiatives to help our students. I don't want to be too pre-emptive, but some very interesting and engaging projects are now underway for our students. 

The conference included breakout sessions from nationally recognised educators Dr Justine Toh, Dr Michele Toner, Dr Shona Bass, Mandy Nayton, Tracey Price, Maree Whiteley, Karen Le Raye, Jan Clarke, Glenda Leslie, Rebecca Delaney, Kristine Stafford, Di Edwards, Chris Witt, Sarah Pillar and Dr Perso who taught a workshop on numeracy and mathematics. 

I would also like to commend our students for their willingness and enthusiasm. We fielded the largest team, by far, at Thursday’s ACC Cross Country with outstanding results. Such encouraging response on what was a Pupil Free Day.

Yesterday at the Secondary Assembly, I asked students to volunteer for a committee to help design learning spaces for our new building opening in 2018. I mentioned needing 6-8... 38 students applied! We will harness all their input. 

This is profoundly encouraging and unique. 

Mr Rod McNeill