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Students Have Left

Found in: Leadership Blog

Students have left, but there is still much work going on at both campuses.

Admin staff and I are organising reports and last minute finalising of work as well as preparing for new building.

Primary staff are cleaning and moving classes to accommodate growth.

Secondary staff are cleaning and getting ready for staff to move in and populate our new building for the start of next year.

The Primary Celebration Night - Photos coming soon!

How great was that extravaganza!! You could see the product of teachers, students and parents supporting one another. So much help in preparing costumes and rehearsals, working together. This isn’t a departure from “proper” school work, but a natural extension. To pull this off, students had to listen, learn, practice, be a team player, consider others, overcome fears and apprehensions, (sometimes even recover from meltdowns)… all of that is part of good education and development.

I was so glad about how the night went. To me, it represents our community. We did it together. I’m also glad that Christmas for our kids isn’t some bland consumerist santa-fest.

Then to finish with the cuteness overload and some songs together… perfect. The Early Learning classes sure have resilience as well as élan and panache!!!

The Secondary Celebration and Awards Evening - Photos coming soon!

The best yet. It was wonderful to see the developing sophistication of our performances (watch this space), exemplification of excellence in living and learning, the honouring of our first Year 12's and their tangible appreciation, the solid support of parents and family in making a great crowd, that our students can express their appreciation of the development and growth in their learning. All of this is profound and precious and, I believe, unique.

It struck me when Andrew Bailey showed a picture of dry grass three years ago, that is now a thriving and successful Secondary Campus. So much has been accomplished. I’m very excited about new initiatives in many areas that will begin in 2018.

Today was the last day for Secondary students. They’re doing some clean up and helping get ready for next year. Then they head off to Bilgoman for lunch, a swim and some fun.

Leadership/Rod-2.jpgKnowing I had to work through the afternoon, I put on my loudest Fijian shirt (so at least I look pool-like) and went to farewell the students during PC class. I told them it was a privilege for me to work at this school and I really enjoyed that our students are a fundamentally great group of young people. They are kids, but they are such an encouragement to see and be involved with. I mean that.

I also mentioned that I may want to try and forget about them completely for a month, but looked forward to them being back next year.

Thank you to every one of you, for your support and willingness to press on in this crazy jumble of life and purpose: educating and raising a great group of young men and women. I will pray for you over the break. Have a wonderful time together as family, a tremendous Christmas and my sincere desire is that 2018 is a year where God profoundly blesses your family.

Mr Rod McNeill