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Thanking Dr Thelma Perso

Found in: Leadership Blog

It is with a deep sense of gratitude for Dr Thelma Perso's investment in our College, that I inform you that Dr Perso will be completing her service at MCC at the conclusion of this year. 

The last three years have gone quickly and have been a time of profound change and development for our College. I clearly remember the circumstances of Dr Perso's appointment, carrying a particular and deep sense of the purpose and timing of God, "for such a time as this". 

Dr Perso has helped steer the College through our transition to two campuses, development to our first Year 12 graduates, and exemplary teaching and learning practice. College staff have highly valued Dr Perso's input and influence:

Mrs Jen Green: Thelma has been (and still is) an amazing resource for our school. We have been taught how to be at the top of our game as educators and, interacting with teachers from other schools, we realise how far we have come since Thelma arrived. Some of us have been pushed, some of us have gone willingly, but we can all look back at the last three years of Thelma’s direction and be thankful for the positive direction of our teaching and learning processes. For me, to have had the chance to have worked with Thelma has been unforgettable. Even as I head towards the end of my teaching career, I have been swept up with our school’s growth and development and found a myriad of ways to improve my own performance.

Mr Michael Chan: Thelma’s guidance, advice, patience and passion for teaching and learning has helped me not just to be a better teacher, but a better educator. Her wisdom and love for God inspires everyone around her to strive for greatness and continue learning. I am truly blessed with the time and experience she has shared with me. 

Mrs Antoinette Wilson: Thelma has brought enthusiasm for learning, development and growth to our College. She brought expertise and knowledge that broadened our horizons and raised the bar for goals from high expectations to achieve excellence. Her strength in Numeracy, and her emphasis on being data informed when planning teaching and learning, has brought strong direction for the future. Thelma’s understanding of the need of student development in higher order thinking and 21st Century skills, have placed our College on the forefront of educational development. 

Ms Georgia Hickford: Beginning my teacher career with Thelma as a mentor has been invaluable. Her support and guidance over the last few years has helped shape how I plan, teach and assess my students. I will continue to implement many things she has taught me throughout my teaching career. 

Thank you, for your diligence and hard work, Thelma. 

This stage of our story is coming to a close. But, by the grace of God, for all of us His purpose continues. “But the path of the righteous is like the bright morning light, growing brighter and brighter until full day.” Proverbs 4:18

Mr Rod McNeill