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Thanks Folks.

Posted by Mr Rod McNeill | Found in: Leadership Blog

I’ve just found out that this week is National Volunteer’s Week:


As I just sent you a letter asking for volunteers, it’s probably time to also say thank you.

I’m personally humbled by the many parents who volunteer so regularly as the school.

Thank you.

As a side benefit there is real research that shows volunteers have more joy generally, stronger mental health, look more gorgeous and age much more slowly. (Ok, the last two might be a bit of a stretch).

There are tangible ways that your volunteering helps: you’ve raised money for school improvements or done jobs when we have been stretched too far.

The most important contribution is less tangible: you build a sense of community, encourage our staff and instil in our students a sense of their importance. Kids love it when their parents come to school … until they’re teenagers of course (I’m saying this with tongue in cheek).
What you have done directly contributes to the rich sense of community we experience here at MCC.

I’m not going to mention the myriad ways that you can and have volunteered at the College. I don’t want to miss something.
I want to acknowledge our staff volunteerism as well. Every camp they attend means staying 24 hours without being paid any extra. Leadership camps in Secondary mean volunteering for a whole weekend.

So thank you all and in the immortal words of the L’Oreal ad: You’re worth it.

Mr Rod McNeill