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Thanks Parents! - Times of Refreshing

Found in: Leadership Blog

School holidays are a time of refreshing for everyone in schools; teachers, leaders, and students. We can take time to just empty our minds of all our ‘cares’ and the things that we need to do, and just be in God’s presence, and rest, and watch a bee in a flower or a bird on the back verandah.

I know that parents don’t necessarily have a restful time during school holidays, but we in schools thank you so much for taking your children away for just a few weeks.

Psalm 46:10 states “Be still and know that I am God”. A more recent translation has “Quit striving and know that I am in control”.

For me “Be still” implies a whole lot of things:

  • Stop trying to fix things
  • Let peace reign in my life
  • Just rest in knowing that God loves you
  • Stop being busy all the time; just stop!
  • Be mindful

I like to link Psalm 46:10 to Matthew 6:33: “Be concerned above everything else with his Kingdom and with what He requires, and he will provide you with everything you need”.

In helping to raise your children, our lives can be hectic, busy, ‘full on’. We are so grateful to you for relieving us of these pressures even for just a short time, so that we can be physically, emotionally and spiritually refreshed.

Dr Thelma Perso
Acting Principal