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We All Want the Best for our Children

Found in: Leadership Blog

We all want the best for our children educationally. The question, and sometimes dilemma, is how do we achieve this? And what do we do if children aren’t getting the best of their education?

The research indicates that good educational outcomes are the result of good partnerships between schools, teachers, and parents.

As  parents: keep informed and up to date about how your child is learning; read the information sent home (I know it’s a chore); take advantage of opportunities your school provides to communicate with you.

Partner with your school; be proactive rather than reactive, adversarial or provocative. Everyone actually wants the best for your child. We need to work together positively to achieve it.

Help your child be well organised: with time, materials, and place to work at home. Above all things organisation is major key to success at school. Regulate their use of technology from the day they get it; trying to pull back on it after that is difficult!

Help your child be active, healthy and optimistic.

And above all, give them hope. All children think, develop and work differently. All students, no matter who or where they are at this particular moment, can improve and move forward. The heart and the joy of education is that it is an exciting path forward for young lives - not a place for terminal judgements.

Rod McNeill
Mundaring Christian College