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Why have Parent Open Nights?

Found in: Leadership Blog

Well, the first reason, and I think it’s a good one, is I get to keep my job. As the SCEA constitution has developed, they have prescribed that once a term we have an open parent evening. The purpose is to give parents voice and an opportunity to ask questions as well as make suggestions. The meetings will take place in the context of a regular parent committee meeting, connecting parents to the committee.

The meeting is chaired by the Parent Committee.

The CEO of SCEA, Stephen Lee, and at least one member of the SCEA Board will also be in attendance when possible. They will primarily be there as observers, but are available for a quick personal catch up after the meeting.

The reason questions have been asked to be tabled prior to the meeting is so that quality answers can be given. Primarily, the questions will be answered by the Principal or assisted by others where applicable. It has been an interesting process following up answers, giving me a chance to get advice, background and develop solutions/replies that are far more effective than an off the cuff answer. Questions that arise at the meeting can be answered personally or held over until the next parent meeting. This creates a far more positive atmosphere of being able to give valid and useful answers.

We will always try to complement the meeting with information that is important and meaningful to parents. Tonight’s meeting will involve Dr Thelma Perso giving an understanding of her work improving teaching and learning across the campuses. Mrs Vanessa Mills will also give an update/information regarding the use of and access to technology and information at the College. If you have a suggestion for a topic you would like addressed in future, please contact Andrew Bailey, Chair of the MCC Parent Committee mccparentcommittee@scea.wa.edu.au or Anna Guy, PA to the Principal/Office Manager annag@scea.wa.edu.au.

As you know, it is important to me to be accessible and these meetings are not meant to be the only time parents can raise questions and make suggestions. Surprising (or maybe not so surprising if you’re a parent) numbers of changes and important initiatives have begun out of parent questions and suggestions. I am looking forward to tonight’s meeting as an opportunity to build our college. Thank you to all in advance, who will be involved.

Rod McNeill - Principal