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2019 Government Student Allowances | Secondary Assistance Scheme

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The State Government, through the Department of Education, provides financial support to eligible parents through the Secondary Assistance Scheme (SAS). The aim of the scheme is to assist low-income families with secondary schooling costs.

Eligible parents/guardians with students enrolled in Years 7 to 12 studying a full-time secondary course at a Western Australian non-government school will be able to apply for the Secondary Assistance Scheme (SAS) in 2019.

The Secondary Assistance Scheme consists of two allowances:

• $235 Education Program Allowance (payment made to the school); and
• $115 Clothing Allowance (payment made to the parent/guardian).

Parents/guardians in receipt of the ABSTUDY School Fees Allowance from the Department of Human Services (Centrelink) are not eligible for the Secondary Assistance Scheme, but they may apply for the ABSTUDY Supplement Allowance. The payment amount is: $79 Education Program Allowance (payment made to the school).

Please send application forms to the Financial Planning and Resourcing Directorate (address on form) as they are completed, to ensure applications are processed in a timely manner. The Department of Education will endeavor to have all the payment made by the 28 June 2019.

If you have any questions regarding the information provided or to obtain electronic copies of application forms please contact the Allowances Coordinator on 9264 4516 or email student.allowances@education.wa.edu.au

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