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2019 SCEA Battle of the Bands

Posted by Mrs Guen Measham | Found in: News

Mundaring Christian College places 1st, 2nd and 3rd in this year’s SCEA Battle of the Bands.

Mundaring Christian made their debut this year, when three talented and most importantly, hard- working bands signed up for the event. Much blood, sweat, tears (and prayers - at least by Ms Measham) went into preparation leading up to this event.

MCC was in unchartered territory. The dark. The unknown. The abyss of musical questions. The deep end. And yet they threw themselves in, all of their own accord. Remember folks, this was their first EVER Battle of the Bands! Each band did sound check, all went fine. Each band ate lollies. All went fine. The bands were ready to go, albeit with some nerves, some excitement, and a fair whack of sugar.

First up in the competition was Korvice. A Year 8 all–original band with a colour of serious Metal (instead of Heavy Metal, their style might be better named LIFE Metal, or Bend-Core, as they break any and all ideas of preconceived musical genres). These boys are not messing around in any way, shape or form. Even though they were first up, in an unknown venue with strange faces staring at them from all corners of the room, they pulled off their performance with professionalism and focus. They commanded attention with an instrumental set of crazy time signatures, powerfully executed guitar with mind melting chords, ferociously fast and fearless drums, and quirky cool solid bass lines holding it down on the keys. Despite not having a singer and being the youngest band, these boys were very polished and truly gave an outstanding performance. Korvice has upcoming local shows and events, so be sure to check them out!

MCC’s second band was Comrades, who are a relatively new band of Year 10 students. Comrades have been basically “getting their act together” very recently and are still in search of a singer who is yet to be found. I am sure they are ready for you to audition, if you are wanting to be a part of this phenomenon! These guys pulled off a great performance especially considering they only added guest vocals at the last minute and were still working out parts within days of the competition. These guys played a cool mix of 80’s style rock, some popular tunes, and a bit of Rock. They had a really great time on stage overall and did very well for a new band on the scene! To put it lightly, these guys know how to have fun! Comrades are serious contenders, so keep an ear out for them in the future! This was also their first live performance as a band EVER.

The third band to perform from MCC was another year 10 band called Akimbo. These guys really worked the room with a few fun cover tunes and one original, jumping and leaping and flipping their hair around, and getting the audience involved. Guitar with lightning fast licks, suave, gritty and bouncy vocals, thumping solid popping bass and articulate energetic drums was what the band brought to the stage. These guys enjoyed being the last band to perform, and the audience was well- warmed up from the previous bands. They took to the stage with energy and excitement that kept all the fans awake, dancing and there was much fun to be had! Akimbo’s fan base is growing, as they play local venues and are very dedicated to their music. You will surely be hearing them around!

Ms Measham was one of 3 very serious judges, along with the Music Teacher from Swan CC, and a singer from a local professional band. Ms Measham tried very hard to stay subjective, and she succeeded with much focus and determination. She was not going to sob under any circumstance at the magnitude of incredible music that the bands from MCC particularly brought to the stage NO MATTER WHAT. This was a competition, and all musicians throughout the night did a fantastic job of showcasing their music. MCC was under no illusion that they would take the cake at this type of event, as there are many great musicians across our SCEA schools. Each band that performed from the various schools showcased different skills and did a wonderful job. All bands proved that they had applied much hard-work, determination, and cooperative learning which helped them all in their performances that night. Each band demonstrated a potential for greatness, which will only come with hard work, feedback from teachers, mentors and peers, and most of all, patience and time.

But here comes some very exciting NEWS!

Mundaring Christian College took out the TOP 3 PLACES!

Comrades received 3rd place. (Year 10’s- Asher L., Matthew V., Isaac A., with guest singer Jono) Fantastic!
Korvice received 2nd place. (Year 8’s- London M., Jake B., and Kane W.) Brilliant!
Akimbo received 1st place. (Year 10’s- Jonathan V., Ashton M., Isaac A. and Curtis H.) Awesome!
Well done, MCC - for the CLEAN SWEEP at BOTB 2019!

Need this article say more?

Written by G. Measham. The unbiased non-tear-shedding music teacher at MCC.