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A New Day, A New Year

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If you have seen the stereotypical pictures on ‘Facebook’ of teachers dreading the start of school, it does not reflect what has been happening at our College.

It is more like the preparation for an exciting, big event! Staff gather in the weeks leading up to the start of school - for training, planning, and setting up... getting ready for the year to start with a WOW! I am not just speaking just about the Primary ‘WOW’ days, they are part of it, but are only the starting point for more great things to come.

It’s like watching a plan come together – from bare rooms to exciting learning spaces.

Walking through the school today, I find the students' enthusiasm contagious, especially to our new students, or those who maybe a little apprehensive. It is a good place to be as you would see from the photos. There is lots of joy, lots of excitement, and even though it looks like fun, lots of learning (maybe in disguise today).  

Mrs Antoinette Wilson
Head of Primary