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Astronomy Short Course

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Throughout Term One, Mr Adams has been running a short course on Amateur Astronomy. Approximately 20 students and parents participated in the evenings. During the first evening they looked at deep sky objects (nebulae, star clusters and Jupiter) using both small and large telescopes. The improvement of image quality gained by the large telescope could be appreciated.Photo of Jupiter

Planetary photography was the topic for the second evening. Students used a webcam style of camera to capture a video clip of Jupiter. Software was then used to analyse the video and create the image to the right. Even though turbulence in the atmosphere degraded the image quality, the shadow of one of Jupiter’s moons is clearly visible.

The third evening was devoted to techniques used to take photographs like the one to Photo of Eta Carina NebulaPhoto of the Moonthe left of the Eta Carina Nebula. Clouds prevented the group from actually  taking their own photos.

Observing and photographing the Moon will be the focus during the final evening.

 A demonstration with a small telescope and an inexpensive camera will show how photographs like this can be taken. They will conclude the course by looking at arguably the most stunning planet…Saturn.

Students who participated in the Astronomy Short Course