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Australian Defence Force Visits Mundaring Christian College's Year 11 Students

Posted by Raymond Z. | Found in: News

On Tuesday, February 12, the Year 11 students were greeted to a surprise meeting with three speakers from Defence Force Australia.

Nobody had expected the meeting, but we all found the subject to be intriguing and the speakers to be interesting, outgoing people. The main purpose of their visit was to present various different army-based career pathways for students aged over 16, and to further expand upon what life is like in the army. 
The speakers mentioned nine major employment categories within the army: Aviation, Combat, Engineering, Management, Trades, Logistics, Communication, Business, and Healthcare. It was an eye-opening experience learning about how a wide range of talents are utilised inside the army, and how it creates opportunities for everyone to give it a shot. The speakers themselves all have considerably different jobs - one being an officer, one serving in the navy and the last being a pilot. They spoke about their army life and how it fitted in conjunction with their social life with family and friends, and the trips that they had as a part of the army program (They probably didn’t want to scare us away by talking about vigorous exercise routines and resilience training right off the bat). I found it interesting how the army supplies allowances for sports and even have their own competitive soccer and rugby teams, which go off to other countries to compete with skilled players.
One thing that shocked many of us was the salary. Going to university to get an education AND you get paid a decent amount? If that doesn’t sound like living the life I don’t know what does. Struggling to pay off student loans years after graduating is a worrisome thought, so having the luxury of student fees being paid for you plus extra cash is just simply awesome. 
Nearing the end of the session, the speakers invited us to ask questions, and many of us fired our enquiries away and much to our surprise, Ms Lagator expressed an interest in becoming involved with the army, stating she needs to “hurry” to beat the age restrictions set on joining the army reserves - best wishes to her career as a chief officer. And with that, the session ended and we thanked the speakers for coming all this way. 
If you would like to know more about the Australian Defence Force, please follow the web address and links below.

Thank you to the Australian Defence Force for an insightful and engaging presentation, presented to our Year 11 students.

Raymond Z.