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Baking in Mathematics!?

Posted by Mrs Jen Green | Found in: News

Mathematics with a twist...

Our current topic in Year 12 Maths Applications is project networks - diagrams that are networks of activities with calculated time frames to help people plan an event or a project – e.g. planning a surprise party, planning a 4-wheel drive trip, or making a complicated recipe.

The students who were using their project network investigation to make a recipe decided to bring their ‘end product’ to school each day last week. The other Year 12s (and a few teachers) got to share in this and to celebrate the end of the formal investigative assessments in Year 12.

Grace made chocolate slice, Jacinta made a victoria sponge with fresh strawberries and cream, Emma made a giant brookie and homemade ice-cream sandwiches, Chaela made mocha cupcakes with mocha buttercream, and Alana made fudgy brownies.

Luckily, I made the cut as their PC teacher and Maths teacher so I got to taste all of the ‘results’.


Mrs Jen Green.