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Be True To Yourself

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Be true to yourself is a very well-known slogan today. It sounds good, it is often used, but what does it mean?

Some might think it is about having the right to establish one’s own individual truth; ‘what is true for me is not necessary true for others’. Could people then think they have the right to do whatever they choose?

We should be true to ourselves, but within the boundaries of a value system, if we want to remain in community with others. When the Bible describes the attributes we should have to live in harmony with others, it describes the fruit of the Spirit (that means God-inspired). It is listed as love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control (as the Year Two students reminded us in their assembly item recently).

God created us as individuals with special gifts and talents, to enable us to live a purposeful life according to His plan for us.

To be true to ourselves, I believe, is when we use these God-given abilities and strengths in the context of His will. We will then be the people who find joy in working with others in harmony, to create communities in the way God wants them to be.

Our students are in the process of developing their understanding of who they are as individuals. Significant adults in the lives of students have great opportunities to make these young people aware of their individual strengths, gifts and talents, and also to help them to deal with the challenges they face in a wise way.

Let us help them to grow a strong and positive self-identity within a good value system, pleasing to God.

Mrs Antoinette Wilson
Head of Primary