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Before School Sport

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Before School Sport this term is swimming; sessions are open to students from Year Three to Year 12.

Training/practice sessions will take place every Wednesday and Friday morning, between 7:00am - 7:45am. The first session will commence next week on Wednesday 8 February and continue until Friday 10 March. This will give the students a total of 10 sessions. Mr Pavkovic will be present to supervise each session and the aim is to appoint a qualified swimming coach to be present for at least four of the sessions. The entry fee for each student is $4.50. Parents who wish to remain for the sessions will not have to pay an entry fee.

At the conclusion of each session, a breakfast will be provided by the College at the Primary Campus only, beginning at 8:00am and concluding at 8:30am. If your child is a Secondary student, they will need to find their own way back to the Parkerville Campus if they wish to have breakfast at our Primary campus. College Chaplain and house cook, Mr Brian David will be overseeing all of the breakfast preparations ensuring that the children partake of a hearty breakfast. Cereals, toast, fruit, juices, pancakes and even bacon will be among the selections for the students.

The College is going to greater lengths this year to ensure that students have every opportunity of performing at their very best for every House and Inter-school Carnival. We encourage you and your children to take advantage of this program. We have negotiated the allocation of two swimming lanes, entirely dedicated to MCC students and would like to see as many students as possible be a part of it. If your child wishes to participate in the program, please ensure that they are changed and ready to go at the Bilgoman Aquatic Centre by 7:00am. Students are free to attend as many or as few sessions as they require. Permission slips will not be required, but some common sense behaviour at the pool is required.

If you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact Mr Pavkovic through the College Office or via email milan.pavkovic@scea.wa.edu.au.