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Behind the Scenes - Student Voice

Posted by Will Meyer | Found in: News

Last year I had the privileged to take four of our Year 10 students to the Kalamunda Electorate Youth Forum meeting, initiated by Mr Matthew Hughes (MLA).

We, Abigail C., Elizabeth H., Connor C.,Reilly D., and myself, had the fantastic opportunity to meet with him and the Minister for Youth, Peter Tinley MLA.

During this meeting both gentlemen listened intently to all suggestions and local issues. The need for a Youth Council was flagged and the provision of real youth connectivity, as well as local mental health service and support were the focus points.

Shortly after this the Shire of Mundaring's Youth Advisory Group was established for young people aged 12-18 years who have an interest in being a voice for young people in the community. The Group, known as The Youth C.R.E.W. (TYC) currently meet once a fortnight at the Shire Administration building. Their purpose is to represent the opinions and aspirations of young people at a local government level and advocate on their behalf; to provide a means of communication and collaboration between young people and their families, community organisations focused on or wanting to engage with young people, the Shire and Council; and to work with the community, encouraging and creating youth participation and engagement opportunities. Through Shire employees they provide advice and recommendations to Council on issues affecting young people in the Shire of Mundaring. They raise awareness and share information about the Shire of Mundaring's Youth Engagement Partnerships Fund and the activities it supports. Students serving on this council assess applications to the Shire of Mundaring's Youth Engagement Partnerships Fund and through Shire employees, make recommendations to the Chief Executive Officer or Council.

Membership is open to young people aged 12-18 years old who live in the Shire of Mundaring, attend an educational institution in the Shire of Mundaring, work in the Shire of Mundaring or participate in a Mundaring based organisation.

Penny McGrory is the Community Engagement Facilitator Youth and can be contacted for more information via cefy@mundaring.wa.gov.au

Lauren Smith, the Youth Coordinator for EastGate Youth developed a Youth Service Directory for young people and youth services providers in our community, which was supported by the Shire of Mundaring’s Youth Engagement Partnership Fund.

Please visit this website: https://eastgate.org.au/ministries/eastgate-youth or download this PDF https://eastgate.org.au/images/Youth%20Services%20Directory%202019.PDF

Please share this fantastic resource with all families and friend in our community. We are living in wonderful times where change happens quickly. Our kids can now speak to leaders and make a real difference in their world. Your child can now join these groups via the Youth Services Directory and have real connections.