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Bring Back 'The Good Book'

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    Primary second hand book sale info
  • Book List (173.70kb)
    Books students are currently interested in


Do you remember what it was like waiting in anticipation for the release of that new book you loved or the next instalment in the series that you couldn’t wait to continue?

The feel of the glossy new cover. The smell of the pages of your favourite old book that you’ve read over and over but you can’t bear to get rid of. What about curling up on the couch on a Wintery day, clutching your favourite book and blanket? Feeling the warmth of the nearby fire or feeling the warm sun shining through the window. Or maybe it’s sitting on the beach, or under the umbrella, with your favourite ‘holiday read’. Where have those days gone?

Technology and e-books can be great things but sometimes you just can’t beat the tactile qualities of a good book. Seeing how far you’ve read and how close you’re getting to the next chapter can be an encouragement to young readers. Feeling that sense of accomplishment when they finish the book and are able to put it up on their shelf like an award for a job ‘well done’. I have books on my shelf from my childhood that I just can’t part with. Books from my adult life that inspired me, made me laugh, made me cry or taught me things. I may never read them again but every time I walk past them I am reminded of their stories and they encourage me and bring a smile to my face.

Books aren’t just great for our imaginations either. They increase our vocabulary, improve our spelling and are a great model for our own creative writing.

Next Tuesday, December 4, we are having a ‘Pre loved’ book sale to raise money to buy more new exciting reading books for our classrooms.

Why not go through your shelves at home and donate some over loved books that your children have now grown out of and share them with others. Bring them to the office to donate for the sale. Give your children some money so they can come along and discover some new treasures of their own!

Location: Primary Science lab (opposite Library) 
Time: Before the start of school, recess & lunch
Cost: 50c - $5
Drop-off point: Mundaring Reception

(Please see the list attached for some great ideas of what children are loving to read in our Primary Campus at the moment. This might help with some Christmas shopping idea.)


We are also creating a space in the front office to continue this love of books where parents and children alike can read a book while you wait, donate a pre-loved book or take one from the shelf to keep, in an effort to share the love of reading a good book. Thanks to Mrs Lindsay Rooney who is going to oversee our new ‘Read while you wait, Take or Donate’ bookshelf in the front office.

At this time of the year we can all get so caught up in giving our kids the ‘next big bright new thing’ but why not let them tap into a ‘whole new world’ of wonder, excitement, scariness or hilarity in a Good Book.

For inquiries, please call us on 9295 2688 or contact us at mccreception@scea.wa.edu.au