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Bush fire Preparedness

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MCC takes a number of steps to ensure we are well prepared for a bush fire, based on advice from the Shire of Mundaring, Emergency representatives and a bushfire safety consultant.

As part of the ongoing maintenance of the College grounds, gutters are kept clean and the fuel load is kept low. We conduct emergency drills throughout the year, especially during the Bush fire season. In the case of a bush fire alert or emergency, we will update parents frequently via our SMS system, facebook and the College website. It is your responsibility to advise us of any changes to your contact details and it is very important to make sure the College has your current mobile phone numbers.

We monitor Bureau of Meteorology forecasts for the degree of bushfire risk in our area, and also receive notifications from Association of Independent Schools WA. If the forecast is indicates a Catastrophic Fire Danger Rating, or if there is a developing threat from a fire in the vicinity, Mundaring Christian College will be closed for the entire day. Parents will be notified as early as possible to allow for alternate arrangements.

Once the decision to close has been confirmed, there will be no change – regardless of improvements to the weather conditions immediately before the closure. This will help limit confusion and organisational difficulties. Please plan for school closures by ensuring you have someone who can mind your children - no child should be left at home alone.

In the event of an unfolding emergency while students are at school, we have two options. In both cases, the College has an appointed Liaison Person (member of staff) and they will be based at the Emergency Control Centre (Police, DFES, Main Roads, Shire personal) to receive instructions from the Incident Controller first-hand. This information will then be relayed directly to me for implementation.

Bush fire Alert With Sufficient Notice: If we have sufficient warning time, and have absolute assurance of the safety of the students during transport, we will relocate all students and staff to a safe venue off site. We have met with the Emergency Response staff from the Mundaring Shire to establish processes for how this would occur, and we would liaise with them at the time of the emergency to determine the safest location for evacuation. Parents will be kept informed through the methods mentioned above.

Bush fire Alert Without Sufficient Notice: If we do not have sufficient time to evacuate, we will relocate all students and staff to the ‘Safer Building Zone’ – this is the building located on the school grounds assessed to be safer than others by a Bush fire Safety Consultant. This building has access to toilets and water and we conduct regular evacuation drills to re-familiarise all staff and students of the process. Information on road closures, evacuation plans, etc will also be provided by the Incident Controller via the Liaison Person. As much information as possible will be made available to parents through the methods mentioned above.

If you live in a bushfire area, talk to your child/ren about responding to a bushfire. If Mundaring Christian College has to close, talk to your children about why the College is closed. Ensure you are familiar with the Fire Danger Rating and prepare your own personal fire plan.