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Cadet Program Update

Found in: News

The Bushranger Cadets are continuing to have a wonderful time during their Archery Program.

Archery WA (who run the program), have been impressed with the level of commitment and development demonstrated by the MCC Bushrangers. So much so, they went out of their way to write a letter, commending the College and the students. Please feel free to read the letter here.

Looking to Term Two, and with the inspiration and help of Mrs Elizabeth Johns, the Bushranger Cadet Unit will begin to undertake a college horticultural project on the Secondary Campus. Details of what to expect will be given before the end of this term.

In addition, during Term Two, students will continue to develop the College’s own private mountain bike trail (some 7kms of track) and will engage in lessons and workshops on mountain bike riding and track building.

A huge thanks to Mr Nathan Blackwell who has been working on developing the MCC'smountain bike track and who himself is a knowledgeable and avid mountain bike rider. Mr Blackwell has offered his expertise and the network of his associates to come into the College and present workshops during Term Two. I look forward to partnering with our parents and the local community in the continued development of our Cadet program.

Mr Milan Pavkovic
Cadet Coordinator