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Closing The Loop

Posted by Mrs Liz Johns | Found in: News

Soon we will have chickens living on our Secondary Campus!

Did you know that at our Secondary Campus, we have our very own composting station and vegetable garden?

Mrs Liz Johns writes;

The vegetable gardens at the Secondary Campus have really been pumping over the summer, proving that using the ‘wicking system’ is a successful way to grow vegetables in Perth’s long dry season.

We have had large harvests of carrots, zucchini, tomatoes and capsicum, the majority of which is used in the Food Tech room.
A wicking bed is a system that waters plants from the bottom up. Water travels from a reservoir by capillary action into the soil to be taken up by the plant roots. This means happy plants, less evaporation, more efficient use of water and less work.

Any waste from the veggie beds goes into our compost bins along with other waste from around the school like sawdust, shredded paper, food scraps and coffee grounds. Students learn about the necessity of reducing the waste that goes to landfill and the benefit of adding compost to our soil.

Students see first-hand the loop of growing vegetables to eat and making compost out of the waste which in turn, enriches the soil to grow more food.

Soon, we will add chickens into the loop, which will eat the food scraps and provide us with eggs to eat and manure for the compost. Stay tuned for that addition!

Mrs Liz Johns