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COSMOS Healthcare Shave for a Good Cause

Posted by Mr David Pethick | Found in: News

After being called a hipster on multiple occasions, thus making me believe I was developing a new identity...

...if nothing else the beard was a great conversation starter, with those who had beard envy.

After seeing the miraculous work done for individuals in need of healthcare in Africa and India, shaving the beard seemed like a great idea. This also allowed us to build our relationship with 'COSMOS Healthcare', who MCC has partnered with over a couple of years now. Jason, CEO of COSMOS Healthcare, responded promptly and positively to the idea of our event "Shave for a Good Cause". Jason took on the challenge to not only shave off his beard, but to shave his head as well. Jason has a real heart for people and a yearning to help others. Seeing his commitment throughout the process made that evident. 

As the shave date drew closer, there were many comments made by students from both sides of the aisle around the proposition of shaving. Those who were unfamiliar with my appearance without a beard showed the greatest resistance to such a dramatic visual change. Through it all, I was more stirred by the efforts of so many who willingly gave up their time and resources for this great cause. This is an excellent testament to the College as a whole, who showcased a fantastic willingness to get behind COSMOS.

Overall we managed to raise a total of $2,588.15 for COSMOS Healthcare! WOW!

Thank you to everyone who was involved in making this happen. Thank you to Rod McNeill and Jason James who also shaved, our marketer Amanda McCleary, College staff, students, COSMOS Health representatives, and community members, well done!

Mr David Pethick