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Cross Country – a celebration of being together again

Posted by Antoinette Wilson (Head of Primary) | Found in: News

On Monday we celebrated cross country running – I say celebrate because that is what it felt like.

Apart from seeing the amazing effort and excitement of the students that went with the race, it was the being together again that parents enjoyed so much. It was a beautiful day and all the students made us proud. We had no injuries, and everyone was willing to help, support and encourage each other.

We appreciate the wonderful help of a group of parents and friends who assisted us with the many duties and logistics to make the day a success. Andrew Bailey was the Chief Marshall and Starter. Jen Casotti was the Chief Timer with a whole team of Timers assisting her: Samantha Jordan, Mayumi Fairchild, Ceridwen Dumergue, Steven Koomen, Fiona Newman and Jedra James. Danni Sargent and Katrina McNee were the Recorders and Katrina also acted as the Photographer for the event.

The final outcomes of the races will be announced in the classes by Mr McNeill and Mrs Wilson next week (Week 9), and the trophies presented at our first assembly next term.

Antoinette Wilson