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Digital Technology: Apps and Games

Found in: News

When our children are small, we take great effort to ensure that any toy they play with is safe. We read the labels and take note of advice for age appropriateness. We feel for sharp edges and loose bits that they might swallow. When children grow up and make choices more independently, it is not always that simple.

Recently some classes in our College completed a survey on their use of digital technology. The survey was anonymous and asked students questions regarding use of digital technology outside of school. It raised some questions regarding the desirability of some of the games and apps our students are using.

Most of the games and apps named by students were given age-appropriate ratings, however, some still had warnings attached to them that indicated the need for adult discussions and guidance.

Unfortunately some of the named games and apps were found to be totally unacceptable. When I discovered the rating and description of these games, I felt great concern for our students using them.

I believe some parents might be quite unaware that this is happening as there are so many games available today. It can be hard to keep track of every new game the children in your home try out. It is, however, of great importance that we are aware what students are engaged with, to help them make appropriate choices.

We will be discussing guidelines to help students make good choices in class. We would like to invite parents to do the same at home. Common Sense Media provides good information for parents and educators which can be found at https://www.commonsensemedia.org/about-us/our-mission#about-us.

Mrs Antoinette Wilson
Head of Primary