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Early Learning Center Update

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The fun and learning continue in the Early Learning area. With the warmer weather here, at last, the children have been making good use of their amazing outdoor areas for some wonderful learning opportunities.

From Pre-Kindy

Pre-Kindy have been building some exciting car tracks with wooden blocks. It’s been wonderful to see how well they have worked together and constructed the roads and buildings. They even decided to paint some roads, river, and grass. Imagination and creativity abound.

From Kindy

The Kindy children experienced a day of outdoor play-based learning during this fortnight. The day started with a very dramatic re-enactment of the famous Bear Hunt … we swished through imaginary long wavy grass, splashed through our real river, squelched through mud and eventually found our bear in its “cave”. Once we were safe from the bear, we could enjoy our fruit picnic, a visit to our wonderful wild space and share the story of Stick Man. The children made their own Stick Man and retold the story. The children had fun making their own batches of salt dough and then creating a masterpiece. They used the iPad to photograph their own creations and then shape hunted in the playgrounds. To finish the day, they used a special-order form from our indoor dramatic play ice-cream shop and took the order from a friend. They then had to create the ordered ice-cream for their friend … so many sprinkles!

Our last letter sound, V, also required a special activity. What better activity than a sandpit volcano.

From Pre-Primary

With the warm weather arriving, the Pre-Primary’s have been enjoying their time outdoors. We have been thinking of many wonderful ways to use sticks and other parts of God’s amazing creation. Some children made fishing rods whilst others decided to create a cubby and some even made a ‘campfire’ using both large logs and smaller branches. It has been great to be enjoying some time out of the classroom and using our natural environment to help us in our learning.

Mrs. Christine Nolan