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ELC Update

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The excitement continues in the Early Learning area.

At the end of Week 2 the Kindy and PrePrimary children, staff and families enjoyed the Primary Sports Carnival. We were very lucky to be blessed with a lovely day and a mild temperature.

From Pre-Kindy
Pre-Kindy continued learning about shapes in a fun and interactive way … what better way, than with yummy pizza. The children made their own mini pizza and discussed the shapes involved before consuming the delicacies. They continue to make pizzas using playdough, which is fun but not quite as tasty. There are also lots of shapes to be found in the playground … circles on the bikes, rectangles on the fort and circles on the stepping stones.

From Kindy
The Kindy kids had a visit from a very special Community Helper. Mr Pampling brought in the fire truck and told the children all about how the Volunteer Fire Fighters help our community. He told them about his protective clothing, what they need to do in the case of a fire and then helped them have fun looking at the fire truck, using the lights and siren, dressing as a firefighter and using the hose. Many thanks to Mr Pampling for his time and enthusiasm with the Kindy Children.

From Pre-Primary
Pre-Primary have continued their study of the many different Celebrations we all enjoy. They have been talking about weddings and sharing a variety of their own photos in their News time. Pre-Primary 1 have been having lots of fun in numeracy playing ten pin bowling, making lego containers to hold different amounts and making ‘nature’ clocks as we start investigating time. We also had a great time practising all our sports carnival games. Students have also been learning to type on the computers with the help of their year five buddies.