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Enrichment Program

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Mundaring Christian College offers a unique enrichment program for our Year Five to Year Eight students, which is also open to the wider community.

“Adventure Through Time” is a literary-based program designed to challenge and extend students’ reading and literacy skills, all packaged in a time-travelling experience.

Were you aware that reading for pleasure has profound effects on a student’s academic performance and intellectual development? A study of 17,000 children in the UK found that reading for fun actually improves brain development and function. The research followed children through the course of their development, from early childhood into adulthood. The results were profound:

“Reading for pleasure was linked to greater intellectual progress, both in vocabulary, spelling and mathematics. In fact, the impact was around four times greater than that of having a parent with a post-secondary degree”. In essence, reading develops the parts of the brain which relate to language, increases connectivity and reduces stress even more than exercise as well as improving inter-personal communication. Hard copy books also produce higher results than tablet based readers. The message is clear that traditional reading is good for the overall health of children in myriad respects.

UCL Centre for Longitudinal Studies: Economic & Social Research Council, British Cohort Study.

The “Adventure Through Time” enrichment program presents students with texts they may not usually be exposed to at this early age, such as Greek Mythology and Shakespeare. Students are tasked with a certain amount of reading to be completed each week. They then meet to discuss, reflect and analyse what they have read, doing so through different activities. Interesting and meaningful tasks such as role play, designing board games, creating art pieces and lively discussions are all part of the fun. In only one semester, teachers have noticed the capacity of the students’ learning has increased significantly. Their exposure to classic literature has broadened their vocabulary, awareness of the world around them, enlightened them to significant events in ancient history and given students a great boost of confidence. Last term for example, students studied Homer’s The Odyssey – at the outset, the prospect of getting through this huge text seemed very daunting to some. But bit-by-bit, students worked through the text and learnt so much along the way. Not only about the text and period in Ancient History, but also learning the important life skills of persistence and determination and then enjoying the personal satisfaction of finishing (and enjoying) such a classic piece of literature. One student commented “I didn’t even know books like The Odyssey existed. But I really loved the challenge of reading the book and really got into it”.

There are limited places available in the program this semester. Please contact Mrs Anna Guy through the College Office for further information.